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In the world of design ever since he was a boy, Michael Malapert later committed himself to  interior architecture and design, and patiently awaited the technological leap which would justify the addition of objects in the already saturated visual landscape of material production.

He launched The M Family and decided to create a brand of arty objects engineered by 3D printing and supported by the onset of a revolution which dramatically changes and renews the way we approach the world of design.

The M family is a brand of objects available on an E-commerce website on which objects may be purchased online. These objects are conceived by 3D printing, and the website user may purchase them in two different ways: you may either buy the file and print the object  yourself or order an object and have it shipped home. This production system allows you to choose the colour, material, or even the size of the object you want to buy. Morevoer, you can manage you budget, since the retail price of an object varies according to the features you have chosen.

The M Family proposes objects that are situated between the decoration and the contemporary art that define interior landscapes. These objects dialog with their environment. They are not objects with a mechanical function, but they are objects that have an aura and that tell a story .

The M Family opens up to communities by inviting artists, designers, and musicians to create or propose objects which are meaningful to them, and which are available on the website.

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