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The 3D printer allows one to print 3D objects at home or at a place nearby by downloading 3D files. It is a revolution which allows each and everyone to become a micro structure of conception and production in a network. This new tool is also characterised by a mode of consumption which is earth-friendly as it does not need transportation, packaging, storing, or the costs and waste generated by traditional production modes.

This technique, which works by adding layers, is democratic and ecological; it opens up a new range of possible shapes. Nowadays,  production units are to be found at people’s places or are shared locally in labs or  equipped studios. Tomorrow’s factories are thus being born.

Those spaces,the fab Labs, which were at first launched by the MIT, are open to the public, and are located at the heart of the cities. They allow you to produce objects by yourself and to share them directly with other Fab Labs throughout the world. Those production units portend a new design. They are collaborative, participative, digital, local, and connected. Thise technology is evolving at an ever increasing speed. Several models of desktop 3D printers are can be purchased in the shops, and several local “printers” allow you to print at a place around the corner. Contrary to  the recent boom of manufacturers and the development of “printshops”, websites where you may purchase and download printing models are still few .

This is the point of the M Family.

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